Defining a COPYCODE??


I was using a COPYCODE in one of my program but while compliling it is saying the copycode is not defined anywhere.
Could you please tell me whether we need to define the COPYCODE in
the DEFINE DATA statement and also how to define it.


What exactly is the error number and message and to which code line does it point?
Regards, +o:-]

The copycode is another source member in your library (or steplibs) of type “copycode” - on the mainframe, you can use the command “set type c” to change the type of an existing source module. Save it and you should now be able to reference it from your program with an INCLUDE statement.

However, the copycode is not used for a define data statement. Instead, you define a data area (using the data area editor) - local data area, parameter data area (for subprogram parameter lists), global data area, etc.
Once stowed, you can then reference the data area in your program with something like:

define data
local using mylda