Error while writing the file

I tried to write the flat file content on to the physical drive by using the service pub.file.stringtofile

I got the following error thrown when I run the service The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

I updated the AllowableWritepaths , Config file content below


Service input for filename : d:\test\example.txt

can someone tell me why the exception is thrown?

Try the below ones (at-least one of them should work). Once you make changes to the fileAccessControl.cnf reload the WmPublic from IS/designer

For example, to write to any file in the c:/wm8/test directory, as well as to the file c:/wm8/test.txt.



allowedWritePaths C:\wm8\test;C:\wm8\test.txt

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Thanks Mahesh. It worked after changing the path as you suggested.

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Best is to use allowedWritePaths=C:/wm8/test;C:/wm8/test.txt

OS independent