Error while tracing the service.

Hello All,

I am trying to sign with my key and decrypt with customer key for a file and send it via FTP.

I am using the following step to sign and encrypt a file.

-sea filename encryptkey -u userId -o encrypted filename

Now, i am seeing the below error with out any other details while tracing my service:
An error occurred while tracing.

Also, I dont see any error/server logs on the admin console.

Please, help me out on this issue.


Hello All,

i am trying to encryt and sign a file to send to the customer.
But, I am unable to do it.

i am seeing the below error:

** Bad passphrase.

** An error occurred during the encryption operation.
** An error occurred while executing command, error=21

When I try to encrypt a file its working fine. But, when I try to encrypt and sign a file it fails with the above error message.

Please, help me to resolve this issue.
Also, please let me know how to see th userID’s in my secring.pgp