Error while pulling a document from Broker

I am having an issue pulling document from a broker I am getting this error listed below:

Error: 0
errorMessage: Link to source is set to True for node [Fld_PublishableDocuments:ProductionOrderV10]

I have no idea what this means, has someone seen this error before? and tell me what is causing this?


I have not seen this error before? But I can suggest you few pointers:

1> Reason for pulling the document from the broker?
2> Full error message?
3> Did you check the logs (server logs)
4> You can do a document sync to broker and then try to pull the document from broker
5> Ignore the error and see what happens next :slight_smile:

Lets see what others say.

The error is not some thing seen…

Even when you get the error are you still able to see the pipeline data in the subscription service?

But yes please follow the above points made and update the thread back:


Link to source property will be set to ‘true’ when you create a document type using some source like XSD, or XML, or Flatfile schema or Broker document type… Once it is linked, you cannot edit the document even if you have locked the document type object…

If you still try to edit, the property will change to ‘false’.

If you want to modify the structure of that document, you have to edit ‘link to source’ to ‘false’ and then you will be able to make any change…

Reason for failure in your case:
When you tried to pull the document from broker, it will try to refresh the structure that is already in place. As this property is ‘true’, the structure of this document type cannot be updated. Hence this error.

Note: This property is visible only through Designer not through Developer.


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