Error while posting to FTP

Hi Guys,

I am using a flow service in which some data is picked up from database , a file is created holding this data , this file is now encrypted using a shell script and then dropped into FTp box. while doing so i am gettnig error:

2007-03-09 11:24:59 EST com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: FAILED SERVICE : RSDProcessor.Exports.NHires:processNHires PIPELINE FILE : 20070309_112459 ERROR : 500 [232] CDataBuffer::Read Success, Buffer Empty Stack trace data … b9c75af0ce5a11db98db8f4360a245de NULL b9c75af0ce5a11db98db8f4360a245de

What i feel is, as the step which is posting the file to FTP is immediately after the step calling the Encryption process and this encryption is done in shell script , so probably before completing the encryption process FTP posting is called and it is not able to find data. PLz clarify me on my understanding.

can you please help me out on this issue.

Mohammed Taqiuddin

If i understand correctly, you are conjecturing that the encryption process isn’t complete before you call your FTP service. You could test this by putting a pausing service in place to wait for a bit before you do your FTP.

There may be some alternatives: you could separate your FTP service so that it watches a directory (i.e. use a ff adapter to detect the presence of the completed file), or you could use TN to route the FTP for you after synchronously encrypting the information.