Error while creating first database

I recieve the following message:

Could not add XTS entry for database mydb on with port 3203 INOAAE0172

Supporting documentation is not complete. Any ideas?

you should check your /etc/hosts for the entry SAGXTSDShost. This entry should point to the correct IP address. In case you installed everything on one machine this should be the loopback device: localhost SAGXTSDShost

On Windows platforms you find the file hosts in the following directory:


Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Technology Consultant
Partner Engineering

Thanks for the input the problem turned out to be a little more tricky.

During the installation somehow the incorrect port number was set in the registry entries under the commmon key. When changed to point to the correct port there was no longer a problem. However the issue that you pointed out is a good point one that I struggled with prior to this problem.

Thanks again.