Error when updating xml schema


I am not able to update an xml schema through the menu option (convert/tamino/Save To Tamino…) in xmlSpy 5.0 (see attachement error.jpeg).

I tried to add one leaf more to my xml-schema tree…

no way. It looks like this is not working.
I am running tamino 3.1.4

Hi Stephan,

can you supply the schema before you updated it and after you updated it, so that we can look at the problem.

However it looks to me that this is not Altova related, but a schema evolution subject. Tamino seems to reject your schema update, because the new schema makes existing XML documents invalid.

But maybe I wrong. So just send in the two schema versions and I have a look at it.



I just added one element to the root /purchaseOrder called test (which is a xs:boolean).

find the two schemas as attachements
- po-original.tsd
- po-updated.tsd
po-original.tsd (3.59 KB)

see next attachement…
po-updated.tsd (3.64 KB)


indeed the message is confusing. However it comes from the Tamino server and is not generated or even related to anything in Altova.
You get the same message when you update using the Tamino Interactive Interface.

“my” XML Spy message starts with “Mismatch of minOccurs attribute during schema update. Line 55, Column 4: …” However I have slightly better version that the release version of XMLSPY.

Anyhow the problem is related to the schema evolution rules. They say, that you cannot update the schema, if it possibly can make existing xml documents, that validate against the old schema, invalid if validated against the udpated one. In your case your inserted a required tag “test” in the middle of the content model after comment and before item. So xml documents that contain comment and item and not have a test tag, will become invalid. Usually update will there only work, if you make test an optional field. That would mean you say minOccurs=“0”. Currently there is no minOccurs specified and the default is “1”.

Hope that helps…

christian campo