Cannot update a simple schema

Hello all,

I’m using Tamino on WinXP; and I cannot update a schema just added an element to a sequence. Tamino is saying “INOXDE7956, Invalid modification of components of sequence detected during schema update at line 35”.

I’ve attached both schemas, simple_simple8.tsd and simple_simple8_v2.tsd to this message. The only change between them is at line 37, added a new element (minOccurs=“0”) to a sequence.

The doctype content is “closed”, so i do not know what’s happening…

Hi Eladio, you can only update a schema if you have done changes that comply to the original schema, e.g. adding optional elements. Otherwise, if you do not have any documents loaded into this schema, you can define the schema with instance check via the Tamino Schema Editor. Hope that helps, Regards, Gerald

Hello, this effect does not occur in Tamino 4.2. The version you use (Tamino 4.1.4) is out of maintenance now. regards Harald