Error when extracting files

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level? NaturalONE

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license? free trail

What are trying to achieve? I am testing the product because TSO Natural will non longer maintained start the year 2024

Do you get any error messages? Path Too Long for some classes: NautralBuilder$ConnectionPropertieschangedListener.class and other classes.

Have you installed latest fixes for the products: this is the most recent version.

I got the same errors a couple of weeks ago, but skipped/ignored them and the Eclipse Developer started OK. I just reread the Adabas & Natural for Docker installation guide and it said that the NaturalONE zip file had to be unzipped into directory C:\ONE_9.1.4.CE. I had extracted into my C:DOWNLOADS\SAG directory, resulting in file pathnames a little too long. I deleted that directory and re-extracted into just C:\ which created C:\ONE_9.1.4.CE and subdirectories without any problems.

Guess it helps to read and follow the instructions very closely. Next I need to reread them and download and install the Docker versions of Adabas & Natural Dev server. So much fun in this brave new world ! :unamused:



What made you think that Natural for TSO will no longer be maintained after the year 2024?


It is written in their website.

Natural TSO Interface version 8.2.8 with EOM of 31/12/2023
Natural TSO Interface version 8.2.7 with EOM of 31/10/2022
This information is available on empower

Version 9.2.1 will most likely be released on Oct. 2022.

Could you please share the link where it specified differently ?


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