Error when deploying TN Partners: "cannot insert null key"

Hi everyone,

I’m facing with a problem when trying to deploy my TN partners from DEV to Simulation Environement. We’re under 7.1.1 release.

I make a deployer project with only TN deployment set, the main idea is to deploy on Simulation server TN Partners (AS2 Protocol). When I sumulate and doing a checkpoint I have no errors. But When I do “Deploy”, the log of IS Deployer says that server may be note available, and i have to check IS log.

In this case I got the error : [BAC.0001.0060]RuntimeException: Can not insert null key.

When performing a search on this forum I see that I can open a TN Console and make an Export/Import. I did it but I’m facing to the same error.

In DEV and TEST Environements, Partner profils work fine.

Hey vlevasseur,
I found this info in the Deployer readme file, may this helps.[/u]

[URL=“”]Trading Networks partner profile IDs not created in target environment.
For each partner profile in Trading Networks, a user ID is generated in
Integration Server Administrator. The ID matches the external ID for the
partner profile, and trading partners use it to connect to Trading Networks
Web Manager to see the status of their messages. When Deployer deploys
partner profiles, it does not deploy the partner profile IDs. The workaround is
to manually create the IDs in the TNPartners group of Integration Server
Administrator, and make sure the IDs exactly match the external IDs for the
partner profiles


Thanks for information.
Yes we did this workaround.

We see also something, maybe will help somebody :
For partner from TN Consol you can export and import them, but if you have certificates, please don’t export them. The configuration of certificates has to be done manually in the target server.

It was the cause for us that we got an error when trying to deploy partners.