Error when connecting to SQL Catalog

I’m trying to connect to a SQL Catalog of one of my DBs and i obtein this error:

8203(E): You have not a valid license or your license has expired for this component; 8600(E): internal error in SQL enginelnk with internal code -35 SAGCONM(1)

Where’s the problem??

Thanks in advance.

I was looking at my license key and i have this:


what can i do??

Thanks in advance.


You need to contact your Local Software AG office and arrange to get a new license key.




As you have already determined, your license file restricts your version. I assume that you are using the Tamino 2.3 starterkit. This is a free evaluation copy and has several restrictions. No SQL support is one of them. If you are interested in testing Tamino features that are disabled in the starterkit version, I suggest that you contact your nearest Software AG office or Software AG sales affiliate. They are able to provide you with an evaluation license that will let you look at and try out all Tamino features.


Christof Braun
Software AG