Error: Unable to update EDI Tracking entries

Hi guys,

we have encountered a rather weird error in TN (7.1.2) just recently
in TN Console we have seen this warning:
Unable to update EDI Tracking entries [EDIFTN.000010.000122]
Unknown Sender ID (although I have checked the sender ID in the profile and its there already since it has been used for a long time now)

when I checked the server log for that specific warning, I saw this error:
[TNS.0002.1082W] Task 5le0h6004gda44cs0000m0ie failed with no more retries available. Reason for failure - Delivery service for 5le0h6004gda44cs0000m0ie failed with a status of fail
and status message of com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:Unable to get profile(s) from TN

What might have caused this error? What should be done?

Please help! Thank you very much.:slight_smile:

You may want to double check the profile of the sender, see if the profile is still there, and still activated, also the ID (which qualifier you were using, if the ID for that qualifier is still there).

Thanks for the response tongwang.

I was able to check the profile of the sender, its ID and it was activated. It is still being used everyday with the exception of this instance.

I have checked the server log and did not find any other information regarding this occurrance.

Any help is much appreciated.

Profile read errors have been caused by deadlock bugs in the past. You may want to open a service request with tech support to explore that possibility.

I still think either the qualifier is not the one you support, or the ID is not the one in your profile.

Take the header section of the EDI doc, compare with the working one. See if you can figure out.