Error trapping


I am using WebMethods TN 4.6 with Rosettanet. We are having one of our subcons invoke a receive service on our side. I am basically using the conversation script that came with our Rosettanet package and added my own service to process the document. I would like to know how I can error trap any of the problems that occur. For example, we have occassionlly received the same document. How can we send out an e-mail to nitify us when a document has the same ConversationID. Also, I am looking for a way to notify both parties with an e-mail if they have not invoked the service on our server by a particular time. Does anyone have some examples I can use and learn from. I have been having trouble getting the information from the WebMethods PDF files. Any help will be greatly appreciated as this does not seem like the easiest task. Thanks

  • John Oggenfuss

I think using 0A1FailureNotification script can trigger the errors for your partner as a seperate conversation i guess you might have implemented this logic, and the receiving document conversation script includes processunHandleddocument step and after this step invoke a custom service which contains the smtp logic and using built-in TN services, where you can trace TN bizdocs if you receive documents with duplicate conversationIds and here do a errorhandling sequence and alert an email to both parties.

yes some work will be around this type.