Error running IS Error: Could not find or load main class

Hi Team,
i installed WM9.0 on Linux and installation was sucessful. But when i am trying to running integration server using i get following error message. I dont know what exactly it caused this error but this error does not give me details on the issue. i checked in the form and i do not find anything related to this. Could anybody help here?

Error: Could not find or load main class



   The issue what i got is might be related to new components added in weMethods9 or because of installation issue. 

  I just installed IS only on the system and it work. i dont see any issues what i described earlier. Thanks for your support.

Better check with SAG for cause of issue, Since so many are new webMethods 9 and cannot reply on reason for failure of class loading


Good option is install your webMethods components as chunks


Chunk1: IS, Designer
Chunk2: Broker & MWS
Chunk3: Terracotta…


Make chunk images in such way that, it would be easier for you to install in higher env also