Error recognising EDI X12 850 from Postman


I am learning how to use and I am testing sending X12 850 PO from Postman but B2B monitoring tool shows errors and message is Aborted.

Some of the errors:

  • Partner test sent this document posing as Unknown.
  • The EDI qualifier: with ID: is not valid; check if the partner profile is set with the right identities.
  • Invalid data - [Unexpected segment: ~| GS~PO~111111111~22426158~20200518~1430~191154921~X~004010| S]
  • Inbound Control Number - , expect all decimal digits [EDIFTN.000010.000223]

I’ve tried changing different things like using “|” for separating lines but still haven’t found the solution.

EDI file is attached.

x12850test.txt (546 Bytes)

Hi Jorge,

Can you try this attached file and see if it helps cross those errors?

Please post back the results!

x12850test_fixed.txt (507 Bytes)

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Thanks rmg! Worked like a charm.

Did you use any tool to format it or you did it manually?

I only got this warning, though:

pathName=/ISA/ISA06, errorCode=DT-STR005, errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9296] Length of value is not equal to specified length<<<

Do you have any clue? I noticed receiver ID was 8 digit and changed it to 9 digits but still got the warning.


The ISA/ISA06 field is a fixed 15 digit field. Make sure it’s that length. For example…

ISA00 00 01987654321 01123456789 1610131141U002000000000010T:!

Manually traced the root cause. Also you were missing this “>” sub-field delimiter (Mandatory) in the original file you have uploaded" I added to the file part of the fix.

Glad to hear it worked out well.

Please ignore that warning and continue with your EDI flow.


Testing the post.