EDI X12 4010 945 FFP.0011.0012 Validation Error: Unexpected element

We are experiencing the below validation error while validating the EDI X12 4010 945.We are using WM 6.1 Integration Server.

Document Type: X12 4010 945;
Error Message: SEGMENT ERROR 1
Error Postion: 15
Error Message: [FFP.0011.0012] Unexpected element
Error Code: 12
Segment Reference: MAN
Error Type: EDI Validation;

Below is the sample EDI Doc for which we are experiencing this issue.

As per the T945 schema definition MAN and LX segment occurance is >1.
Unable to understand what is causing the above validation error.Can someone pls. advice.


It shows MAN segment coming in the right place under LX/MAN supposed to be.

Can you just try processing with single ST and remove MAN segment and see how it behaves validation? – this is to debug only see below:

BTW,did you remove the delimiters?


We have figured out there are no problems with those EDI transactions where we have one MAN segment per transaction.We have issues only while we need to process a transaction which contains multiple MAN segments.

This is due to fact the out of box T945 schema definition provided in WM. Since the same production file is getting translated by a different EDI translator without any issues. We have created a custom schema in WebMethods to accomodate MAN definition indide the nested LX (say LX20 second loop of LX segment after LX1,MAN1 and W12 segments). It seems the EDI is getting processed now. but I’m unsure if it’s a good practise.

Ok great!! thanks for the updating back…Some times Schema customization happens for it to work upon research or SAG tech support…Only options.