Error on X Broker 71 trying to use Customer Identification

I am a newbie trying to get started with Run-time policies in CS GE 71.
These are the steps i followed for creating a Run-time policy and a Contract (to implement Customer Identification):

  1. Created an X-Broker target successfully (assuming as the target connectivity indicator shows green).
  2. Added a web-service asset and certified it.
  3. Created a Consumer Application with the IP of the webMethods IS (since iam using webMethods IS web-service connector for consumtion purposes)
  4. Created a Run-time policy with “Customer Identification” action (which in turn uses the customer app from step 3 and “Advaced Routing” (with the endpoint as the asset added in step 2)
  5. Activate the policy and created a contract with the X-Broker as target and certified it.
  6. After this i checked out X-Broker and was able to find the required information in the policy-enforcer.xml
  7. Now created a consumer wsd (thereby connector) by getting connected to CS registry from webMethods developer and selecting the contract.
  8. Now when i run the connector i received a message - “Security has not been configured for the Contract XYZ” on X-Broker.

Can someone let me what exactly i missed or done wrongly?


“Security has not been configured for the Contract XYZ” is not at all an issue unless you are getting a valid response from IS. This is just a information that you haven’t configured any encryption, signing or LDAP for authentication .

This message can be ignored provided request-response completes successfully.