Error on Session Logger on webmethids 9.5


I have just installed 9.5 and running for a while, today, I noticed the following error, we are running 9,.5 on unix and using ms sql for the JDBC Pool:

[32]2014-05-21 12:34:08 BST [WmAuditingSC.logger.3405E] In logger ‘Session Logger’, failed to log to destination; reason: Fatal SQLException detected
[31]2014-05-21 12:34:08 BST [WmAuditingSC.destination.1122E] Destination ‘SessionDBDest’ caught unexpected Throwable logging audit event: [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘UNIQUE_WMSESSION_MSGID’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.WMSESSION’. The duplicate key value is (3798bcde-c5a2-86de-a4b8-679b96601a43).

Even with the error, the system seems to be running just fine.

Any idea?

Thanks and regards.


Hi Derek,

were you able to find out more about this?

I am receiving the same error with an Oracle Database.

Might be related to the load on the IS instance.


Has anyone resolved this issue. I am getting same error in my environement. Thank you in advance.