Error [ISS.0086.9311] Could not save pipeline to file for IS 9.9

Dear all

Rencently IS server log show below error log and when debug the program there is no any error.

Could not save pipeline to file trace.klbridge.bridge:incommingReceiver. /opt/webMethods/webMethods99/IntegrationServer/instances/default/config/work/trace.klbridge.bridge:incommingReceiver.2016-10- (No such file or directory)

And the IS version is 9.9 and core fix have IS_9.9_Core_Fix4 and IS_9.9_Core_Fix3

could anyone give me some advice.Thanks very much!


The error is not very critical however go to the service trace.klbridge.bridge:incommingReceiver and check if you see savePipelinetoFile remove it before you move the code to test or prod env. Also make sure that there is no restorePipelineFromFile enabled in your service before promoting the code to higher envs.


Could it be that you are using a colon “:” in the filename?
Try replacing it with a period “.” or an underscore “_”.

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Yes this should work and even we had the same issue in the past and . or _ resolved the pipeline file issue.


I tried to save the pipeline with : and I was able to retrieve the pipeline. It might not work sometimes as you said. Good to know.