"Error invoking the protocol buffer compiler" / "Field number 1 has already been used" after editing a document (Solved)

I was losing hair on continually getting this error message (see screenshot).

Could not save com.wm.util.coder.ProtoBufException: [ISC.0076.9021] ... Error invoking the protocol buffer compiler. Error: proto: ... Field number 1 has already been used in ...

This would occur when I tried to modify a publishable document - I just could not save it. To my horror, I could not reverse my changes either - same error!

What eventually fixed it for me was deleting the document on IS, then deleting from UM using Enterprise Manager, then (importantly). reloading the package. Only after the reload could I recreate the document successfully. IS would let me save earlier. .

This was on webMethods Integration Server 10.1 Core fix 11. Searching for this error didn’t return much, so I’m logging this in here in case it helps someone


If the protobuf Key from a field is copied or moved from one document type to another than this might be an issue when a field being copied which can’t carry forward the Protobuf Key from the previous document. I believe this is already fixed. Let us know if you are still getting this issue?


Thanks for the insight on the issue. I admit I did not understood much when you spoke of "field being copied which can’t carry forward the Protobuf Key".

I take it to mean sort of bug in IS or Designer handling hidden Google protocol buffer attributes associated with IS data structures.

I did not encounter this issue after reporting it.

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Yes Sonam, that was an issue and got fixed.


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