Error install CENTRASITE 3.1.5

Hi everybody, I’m, trying to install CENTRASITE 3.15 , but I can’t. I always obtain the same error:

“Error:1920.Service SAGCTP55(SAGCTP55) faied to start . Verify suffincient privileges to start services.”

This service SAGCTP55 not exists in my machine.



Look for the ‘external’ name for SAGCTP55 in your service registry, which is

Software AG Common Tomcat

and check its privileges.

Hi, this service Sotfware AG Common Tomcat not exists in the machine , or at least I don’t find it.

Hi, again


Al last, after one week,. I’ve installed CENTRASITE but now the user “centrasite” and password “centrasite” is not valid.

Hi, again.

I can’t more, at the end I can’t install CENTRASITE.

It’s a pity.


I’m having the same problem. You suggest checking the privileges for the service. What do they need to be changed to?