Error in server.log when IS starting

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Trading Networks Server 10.15 Fix 2
Trading Networks Server 10.15 Fix 3

Detailed explanation of the problem: We’re using webMethods 10.15 version and getting below error when IS is starting.

2023-08-17 16:14:44 CDT [ISS.0045.0359E] (tid=930) Unable to get the function alias ISDashboardStats configuration. Details: wm.server.jdbcpool
2023-08-17 16:14:44 CDT [ISS.0045.0358E] (tid=930) Unexpected error accessing the IS JDBC Pools component. Details: Unable to get the function alias ISDashboardStats configuration. Details: wm.server.jdbcpool

What might be the reason for this? Need your suggestions.


go to IS admin ui => Settings => JDBC pools. then click the play button right next to ISDashboardStats pool to test db connection. If it is not assigned to a pool alias, you need to assign it.

It is probably going to fail with an error message. My guess is the tables aren’t created for this pool or the pool/connection string has a typo/error or it is not set.

If it fails and if you don’t know how to fix that error, share that output and server.log entries here.

note: BTW, don’t change everything according to my screenshot. It is a POC machine, it doesn’t have a valid configuration.


In addition to the steps suggested by @engin_arlak , could you also check for the error logs during the same time period .
There should be more information.
Check Logs->Error on the admin UI.


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Hi Engin/Nagendra, Thank you for your response. JDBC Pool setup looks good. I was able to test it successfully as you can see in below screen shot. Please see attached server.log

server.log (10.6 KB)

I don’t see anything helpful in the logs. I would try installing latest fixes and see if it helps if this is not a production server; but if it is a production server, I recommend contacting empower.

Hi @surendra_Gollapudi
The logs shared are the server logs, there is not enough information to figure out the problem, could you also share the error logs from the Administrator UI , Admin->Logs->Error ,
Also do you see any issues accessing the IS Dashboard?


Hi Nagendra, I don’t see any errors in error logs related to dashboard and i can access dashboard without any issue once server is up. Not sure why it’s throwing this error.


I’m assuming that the error log entries also cover the time during which there were errors in the server log.
If your dashboard is fine and the JDBC pool functional alias tests are fine, then it could have been a temporary connectivity/network related issue. I would suggest that you can monitor for such errors and raise a support ticket if this persists.


I see this error whenever we restart IS. It might be a bug in the product. I’ll raise a support ticket. Thank you both for your time !!


I heard back from SAG and this issue has been addressed in IS_10.15_Core_Fix7. This new fix is scheduled to be released next week on Aug 28th.


Is there any update regarding the fix, right now 9 Oct '23 i still don’t see the fix being released… the last fix is still Core Fix 6 when i checked.


If it is not released yet, you can create a ticket on empower to request a custom fix for your environment.


i will create ticket

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