Error in Installing Application

I have tried to install Webmethod 6.5 and after 85% instalation I am getting this error :


at com.wm.distman.install.InstallerClassLoader.addJar2(

at com.wm.distman.custominstall.DLJarsProgressPanel.installExecute(



Are you installing from an image or direct from the download site?
Is it a Unix or Windows environment?
Also are you using a 32bit JVM or 64bit?

I have seen this problem when using a particular JVM (i.e. a 64bit version) and when it gets to a certain point it fails.


Try by editing the server.bat file

do the following steps

right click the server.bat and do edit

SET JAVA_DIR=C:\Program Files\webMethods6\jvm\integrationserver.…
replace the above path by the following path.

SET JAVA_DIR=C:\Program Files\webMethods6\jvm\win142

and save the file

Now up ur IS …

hope this can resolve ur problem…


Vijay : I am unable to install any product so how can I ho to webmethod folde.

NIN0 : IF the 64 bit JVM is the issue then how can I change it to 32 bit JVM.

NINO: I am using Window XP with 4 GB Ram.

Vijay: I am unable to view that folder because not a single WEBMethod product is installed on my Desktop

Hi Neeraj,

please start the installer from a command prompt:

webMethodsInstaller651.exe -debug 10

If you are installing from an image you might need to re-create the image as some parts inside the image might have been truncated during the download.