error in flow: Error while closing transaction -Error(s) occurred while closing adapter connections.

what is this? the basic try/catch no catch this error

in developer app if flow is executed step by step the error does not appear, but yes if it is run normally (green play button)

-the flow is very complex, with many internal flows and adapters
-not use start,commit/rollback steps

any relation to this?


Hi guido valli

Check the Adapter connection which is your using either Local Transaction or No Transaction.
If it is local, required explicit start and commit transactions steps


In addition to Murali’s pointers, please verify if you are using more than one local transaction connections in the same transaction context in your flow service.

If you are providing dynamic user credentials at run time, then all the adapter services using this LOCAL_TRANSACTION connection within a single transaction must use the same user credentials.

Thanks & Regards,
Manjunath Kella