Error in deleting driver tables and commiting: com.wm.monitor.util.MonitorException

Hi All,

I am using

wM IS 6.5 Build Number 394.
Java 1.4.2_07(Sun Microsystems)
OS: Windows 2003.
WMMonitor 6.5 Build 150
Monitor_6-5-1_SP1_Fix1 (v 6.5)

I have configured JDBC conn pool alias for ISCoreAudit and ProcessAudit DB. When I run the pub.monitor.archive:serviceArchive service from Developer, I am getting following error.

[MON.0119.0305E] Error in deleting driver tables and commiting: com.wm.monitor.util.MonitorException: Error in service archiving: {0}
[MOD.0120.0000D] com.wm.monitor.util.MonitorException: Error in service archiving: {0}
[MOD.0120.0762E] Error in service archiving: java.sql.SQLException: no connection returned from pool [Archiving]
[MOD.0120.0769E] Error retrieving db type: com.wm.util.BasisSQLException: [BAJ.0001.0006] JDBCConnMgr: Invalid functional alias argument, found.

Additional Info:

Create db scripts does not create WMBATCH_DRIVER,WMSERVICE_DRIVER and WMPROCESS_DRIVER tables. But in program I did see


If these tables need to be created, then where do I get the db scripts from ?

I think the java service which is being called by Archive service is failing while trying to get the value of config1. Value of alias is “Archiving”.

public static int getDBTypeForAlias(String alias)
IJDBCConnPoolAdmin admin = null;
IJDBCConnPoolConfig config = null;
IJDBCFunctionConfig config1 = null;
int dbtype = -1;
admin = JDBCConnectionManager.getConnPoolAdmin();
config1 = admin.getFunctionConfig(alias);
config = admin.getConnPoolConfig(config1.getConnPoolAlias());
String url = config.getURL();
Debug.logDebugPlus(4, 770, 120, url);
if(url != null && !“”.equals(url))
if(url.indexOf(“oracle”) != -1)
dbtype = 1;
if(url.indexOf(“sqlserver”) != -1)
dbtype = 2;
if(url.indexOf(“db2”) != -1)
dbtype = 3;
if(url.indexOf(“sybase”) != -1)
dbtype = 4;
catch(Exception ex)
Debug.logError(769, 120, ex);
Debug.logDebugPlus(4, 769, 120, Debug.stackTraceToString(ex));
return dbtype;

What could be the reason for the failure? Will deleting the repository solve the issue?

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


Created Archive db and tables and also run pub.monitor.archive:setOperationParameters service to resolve the issue.



Can you tell me how to Created Archive db and tables?