Error in class convertBizNameFormat

Hello everybody,

we are facing the below quoted error message when creating SWIFT messages and using convertBizNameFormat:

wm.fin.dfd:convertBizNameFormat com.wm.fin.dfd.DFD cannot be cast to com.wm.fin.dfd.DFD

This error happens on our client’s testing environment, while the exact same flow service is runnning fine on our development server.

IS version is 7.1.3.

The test environment was set up with standard options and the update and patch level is the same as on ours, however, I noticed one difference. The about page in the admin console on our server says we have the following patch applied to the WmFIN package:

SWIFTFIN_6-1_SP3 6.1 – –
WmFIN_6-1_SP3_Fix1 6.1 – –

This isn’t listed on the client’s test server. So, I reckon this is the reason for the above error. Am I right?

If so:

  1. How can this patch get lost in an installation of IS 7.1.3, which should include these fairly old patches?
  2. How can I re-apply the patch (i. e. where can I get it? It doesn’t seem to be available in empower)?

Thanks in advance


looks good ? :slight_smile:

Very good indeed :wink: Thanks for the link.

I wonder why I couldn’t find it when searching for “SWIFTFIN_6-1”.

Thank you again and cheers,


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