Error Handler in Process model

Hi, I developed a service. its working fine for the normal flow. But the exception has not been handled. Could you explain how to implement Exception handling here. I have attached the screen shot for reference.

Per Screen settings part looks okay, as far as process error is concerned, error handler will catch PRT runtime exceptions and transient errors, there are sometime your low level services dont propagate error to parent due to try catch even that time error handler will not be caught.

Tell me more about what you mean by error, if you want test error handler just make one of ur service throw exception and see.


Hi, Thank you for the quick reply. For example I am trying to add two integer. But i am not passing integer value in one input. I am passing one integer value and one char. So it is throwing the below error. But my error handler is not handling the same.

CEST [PRT.0101.0378I] PID f651b7d6-5fad-4816-b486-1050dede7d52:1 TERMINATED ABNORMALLY; step S22 died with no error handler
[165]2014-07-14 11:50:59 CEST [PRT.0101.0376E] Error invoking step S22, PID=f651b7d6-5fad-4816-b486-1050dede7d52:1 (TesProcess.IntP.IntP_1.AT:Activity2): [PRT.0101.9125] Service TesProcess.IntP.IntP_1.AT:Activity2 failed.
[164]2014-07-14 11:50:59 CEST [PRT.0101.0002E] ERROR:
[163]2014-07-14 11:50:59 CEST [ISP.0090.0003C] q
[162]2014-07-14 11:50:59 CEST [ISP.0090.0003C] 1

its working fine after enabling the properties of .process. I have selected the error handler step properly in the drop down. Thank you for the inputs.

Glad to know…it is working now. :slight_smile: