Error from WmPRT


We have moved WmPRT package from UAT to PROD instance because this package was not there in PROD instance. But now while processing EDI transactions I am seeing error log message as bellow, it is not affecting to process transactions. [PRT.0101.9125] Service pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages failed.

Why this error coming? How can I stop this error? Please advice.

Thanks in Advance.

You should not be deploying/copying webMethods-supplied packages. Especially core packages such as this. Use the installer.

I totally agree to Rob’s comment.

In addition please read the webMethods Installation guide. You’ll probably need to install at least the database components in addition, but other packages may be missing as well (e.g. WmMonitor).

WmPRT is part of the process runtime, but you need additional components for it to run properly, which are installed by following the installation guide. This will include the usage of installer and db configurator as mentioned above.



Thanks reamon & mwroblinski

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