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my application’s webmethods code is using the built in FTP service to simply list the number of files on a remote ftp server after pub.client.ftp.login &

During runtime, the login & cd services run fine with success. However, it fails at service run with error 550 Arguments too long error. This should be when the remote ftp server has too many files. But infact, there are not more than 450 files in the remote ftp server to list. When i place fewer files (say 100-150) in the remote ftp server the runs fine.
What could be the issue in listing 450 files & how to increase the capability to handle more number of files in thre remote ftp server.

Note: when i login using ftp command thru unix to the same remote ftp server & directory, it lists the 450 files properly with no error.

Share your IS version with fix levels. Also can you try using “pub.client.ftp:cdls” and see if you see the same error.

Please paste the complete error either from designer or server/error logs.

You come across this error when dealing with Unix/ Solaris OS’s. Better fine tune your command before hitting OS.


Generally Problem doesn’t come for listing so many directories in list.
It has no limit for listing.

If it is taking much time to fetch from remote server.please define watt.server.ftp.listingFileAge in extended settings.

If the issue is with time, we do have get Timeout exception rather specified error. Did you give a try on Unix/Solaris OS ? If not, can you plz ?


Generally the error depicts that either the file name which he is listing is big or file size itself.
There should be a threshold defined for FTP server files list.
I saw it doesn’t give problem to list 1000-10000 files at one time,

@saptirishi Please provide more error description.