Error "Failed to convert JSON to XML payload" in Mediator 9.12

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing a an issue on a REST-API exposed in Mediator, with JSON Content. Details on the software version below.

Whenever a client invokes our Web Service, the following error is presented:

    "Exception": "Mediator encountered an error:Unable to invoke ESB Exception:Failed to convert JSON to XML payload.  while executing operation:validation-rules service:OmnichannelAPI_Voucherify at time:9:59:36 AM on date:Jan 12, 2021. The client ip was: The current user:Default. The consumer application:null"

This happens when calling the aforementioned flow service, which is being called through the “Run webMethods Integration Server Service” policy, at the Request Level.

To debug this situation, I have made a dynamic savePipelineToFile, but the request is not even reaching this flow service.

I have investigated further, and I’ve reached the conclusion that only some types of requests fail, and I’ve pinpointed it to some specific characters, which I present below:

The request below fails due to the characters that are highlighted, numbers and symbols like the dollar sign ($). I am aware that it is not standard to define numbers or symbols as the first character for a JSON Property Name, but this provider only has these fields available this way.

I would like to ask you:

  1. Is this a know error with the product or configuration? Is there a fix or a configuration that can solve this?
  2. If no fix or solution is available, is there any way to workaround this?

Software Information:
webMethods Integration Server with WmMediator
IS_9.12_Core_Fix18 installed

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,

Luís Monteiro

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I was able to solve this problem. Below I’ll describe the process and actions taken:

  1. Activated Full Logging on the Virtual Service (Log Always, with Request and Response);
  2. In there, I was able to check that this error was being returned by the wsstack class, when trying to convert to XML, due to XML not accepting numbers and/or symbols as an element name (which is compliant with XML Rules/Norms);
  3. Apparently, when using wsstack, Mediator first tries to convert the JSON Request to XML before applying any of the other policies;
  4. Unpublished the Virtual Service;
  5. Changed CentraSite to axis-free mode in centrasite.xml;
  6. Restarted CentraSite;
  7. Published the Virtual Service again;
  8. After testing again, the Virtual Service was invoked and executed/run sucessfully.

Hope this may help someone with the same problem in the future. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Luís Monteiro


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