No Content Type Consuming WebServices


I’ve declared a Webservice through a WSDL and performing some test over this WSDL I have some problems using Mediator as comsumer.

The error message is:

Error Setting WSDL Document

The following error was encountered while attempting to set the WSDL document:
com.softwareag.xbridge.webservices.WSException: embedded exception: WSDLException (at /definitions/types/xs:schema): faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: An error occurred trying to resolve schema referenced at 'http://sagfactoria10:8080/XtendDev/cms/schemas/TaminoResponseForXtend.xsd', relative to 'http://Sagfactoria10:8080/taminowebdavserver/TestMV/WebServiceTutorial/ContentCategoryList.wsdl'.: no content-type
Switching to text view.

I do not understand the “Content-Type” error, attached you will find the WSDL and its referenced schema.

Thanks in advance,

Mediator version: 7.4.2 (1.87 KB)

Hi Claudio,

from what you say it may be more to do with the webserver you are using, and the content-type associated within the definitions held in there. In Tomcat you can add the mappings for wsdl by adding something like :-

wsdl application/xml

this will then allow the webserver to load wsdl as the content type will be specified by the mime-type, in this case application/xml