Error during API Promotion in API Gateway

Hi Community,

I want to move my asset (API) from a source server to a different server destination.
There is just <API_Name> version 1 on the destination server, and I only want its version 3 there.
But, when I tried to promote its version 3, I received the following error:

The API with name <API_Name> and system version 3 cannot be added to the version chain, because there are missing version numbers. Try to use the option Fixing missing versions.

As a limitation, I have to promote its all versions?
Please provide guidance if there is a remedy for this error or a workaround for this situation.

Hi Atif,

You can select the Fixing missing versions checkbox while promoting the API. This will add the version 3 to the version 1 as the next version.

Hello @atif solution suggested by @Mohammed_Rizwan will work for you hopefully. Below is the screenshot of API Gateway v10.11 Staging Guide PDF version (page 21) explaining the usage of “Fix missing version” option:


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