Error creating a new JNDI connection factory

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Universal Messaging

Detailed explanation of the problem:

Unable to create connection factory, tried using nhp/nsp & using localhost or IP number but still failed.

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Free trial

What are the exact values you entered? Could you provide a screenshot?

Hi, thanks for the reply, below is the screenshot.

Can you create the JNDI context first using the button left below and try again?

you can delete /naming/defaultContext channel to delete JNDI context and then you can create again.

hi @engin_arlak .

Thanks for the replied, i’ve tried to delete naming context & retried creating JNDI context but still got above error when creating a new connection factory.

Still no clue what happen

Did you change the default port? In your Enterprise Manager screenshot I see you set the port to 9050 but in your create connection factory screen I see its set to 6002, also you don’t use the DNS name to create connection factory. Are they not in cluster? Please refer to the guide below for correct parameter values. If my memory is accurate and if there is no cluster that port numbers should match. If there is a Fail-over (Active/passive) cluster that dns name should be Host/DNS name (or IP) of the cluster manager. If there is an active/active cluster it should be an array of UM servers.

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