ERROR Could not locate BpmsTrial.groovy.


I get the error message ERROR Could not locate BpmsTrial.groovy. from Installation seem to be OK, no error in installation logs. I use the following command to start webmethod:

sudo bash ./

Content of the script:
export GROOVY_HOME=/home/peter/sag/BpmsTrial-9/groovy-2.4.3
export GROOVY_PATH=/home/peter/sag/BpmsTrial-9/groovy-2.4.3/bin
export JAVA_HOME=/etc/alternatives/java_sdk
./ BpmsTrial -start

I also tried the setup parameter, but with the same error.



We have tried to run the demo in both Windows 2012 and RedHat 6.x, and we´ve found the same error.

Hi all,

sorry for the late reply - obviously I had missed this inquiry!

The following steps should be executed (either on command line or within script using Bourne shell or bash:

(1) cd /bin
cd /home/peter/sag/BpmsTrial-9/bin

(2) . ./
source ./

(3) grexec BpmsTrial -setup

Some detailed comments:

  • Note the additional leading “.” in (2) which may also be replaced by “source”
    There is no need to set environment variables like GROOVY_PATH or GROOVY_HOME - they are set by
    setenv script, but get visible within the outer shell only if script is “sourced” using “.” or “source”
  • In (3) you have to start with “-setup” (or at least “-install” which is one of the steps carried out by “-setup”)
    You can run “-start” only after either “-setup” or combination of “-install”, “-configure”, “-deploy”

Best regards