[Error] Blank WSDL

Hi everyone,
Currently, I have a service, and publish it for consumer by provider, wsdl. But after a period of use, the wsdl is blank, and consumer can’t call service.
Anyone has experience with above error ?

Hi Ngo,

Strange - what version of webMethods are you using?

If you open the webservice provider via Designer/Developer, is the flow code still there? Same question applies for the service from which you created the webservice provider as well.


Strange thing it shouldn’t happen.

What is your IS version and core fix and WS stack fix levels?


Thanks for your response!
My IS version is 9.6. And when I reload package which provider is contained then WSDL return normal (no blank).

Just a note in-future if you face the same issue reload the package from designer or IS. Even I have seen this weird issues from wM 9.0 its a intermittent issue :slight_smile:

Make sure you don’t simply reload the package in production servers.

I only reload the package, and all thing return normal. I want to find root cause of this issue, I don’t want on beautiful day when my partner system can’t call my web service and I must to reload package to bring them normal :frowning: .
Note: In IS 8.2, I haven’t ever seen this issue.


Glad to hear that it works now, however, this is something to worry about especially if it happens in production!

To my knowledge, there have been some changes to the webServices stack starting from webMethods 9.x.
The webservice provider you are testing now is one upgraded from an older webMethods version or a fresh new one?

In case the Provider webService has an operation with field name starting with xml in any of the following: the input signature, output signature, header or faults, then check extended property watt.server.xml.ncname.encode.backward.compatibility (via the GUI or in the config/server.cnf file); if this value is true, reset it to false. Regenerate afterwards the Provider webService.

Furthermore, if this is a new webService, check your fix level on IS and if it’s not up to date, check the fixes available and whether any of this cover the issue you are facing.

Otherwise, raise a ticket with SAG for further investigation.

I hope this helps,

Hi Ana Chiritescu,
Thanks your reply.
I create new code and new provider for IS 9.6. I generate provider from flow service and don’t make any change with this provider.
I don’t understand this phrase “check your fix level on IS”, how can I check this ?

Hey Ngo,

Go to IS Administrator GUI → About and check what is written under Software → Updates. You will probably have something like “IS_9.6_Core_Fix1” and maybe other for TN.

SoftwareAG releases fixes for webMethods platform after the roll-out of the base version (in your case 9.6) based on the input received from community/customers and also their R&D Team/Testers etc.
In case other customers faced the issue that you mentioned and it’s proven that is not something specific to your platform setup but a product issue, then Software AG probably already released a fix for this that would be installed on the platform using Update Manager.
You can check the fixes available for webMethods 9.6 by going to empower website → Product Fixes → View Product Fixes. Check the Readme for details.

Before looking into the fixes, can you tell me if you are using Subversion as Version Control System? If yes, in combination with what plugin?
I know from previous experience that using Subversion prior to 1.7 might cause issues while refreshing webService descriptors and webService connectors, maybe this is in the end the root cause for your issue.


Hi Ana Chiritescu,
Follow your guide, I checked and see “IS_9.6_Core_Fix3”.
With Subversion, I installed Subclipse, but I don’t use it. I’ll remove Subclipse and keep my eyes to this issue, if it continue occur, I’ll info to you.

Okey, good! Can you check on empower if there are other fixes available after 3.x?

In case you test the wsProvider after check out from SVN, if your SVN version is smaller than 1.7.x then this could be the answer you’re looking for.
Subclipse is the plugin you use to be able to upload/download your webMethods assets from Designer to and from SVN.

In the end, what matters to identify whether this is VCS related issue or not, from one of your posts earlier when you described the steps followed (create fresh provider) you did not mention any SVN involved in betwen.

Are you facing this issue also in production?

Let’s see how it goes, in the end, it might be a good idea to raise a ticket to Software AG if the problem persists.


Yes totally agree with Ana.It’s a worth to check the latest and follow up with SAG for the weird issue.


Thank Ana and RMG,
I’ll check fix on software AG site.

We are trying IS 9.6, so we don’t have IS 9.6 production.

Please check for Serivce-Development Fixes for Designer also.
They are usually labelled something like ESB_9.6_*.

They might be depending or required by IS Core Fixes to solve certain issues completely.


For the Fix-level check there is a second, more detailed, page than the About-page:
The Updates-Page.

There is a link on the About-Page to the Updates-Page.

Here are the direct links:



Yes please follow the above in the right direction and check the Srvc-Dev Fixes for Designer to start with.


Thanks, Holger!

Indeed if you go to IS Administrator GUI → About section “Server Environment” contains a row with details on “Packages/Updates”. Click on the view link and you will land to the page mentioned by Holger above corresponding to the link “http://:/WmRoot/updates.dsp”.

One remark: http://sukghesbdev02.eu.hsi.local:5555/WmRoot/about.dsp is not working for me, I get “Object Not Found (WmRoot/about.dsp)” error. I am testing on webm96 and webm97. Was the “http://:/WmRoot/about.dsp” link available on older versions? If yes, what it displayed? (just out of curiosity).


Hi all,
When I access empower to view product fixes history, I saw a modern UI (or error), so I can’t find product fixes,
any one has direct link to view it ?

Hi Công,

This looks strange and interesting in the same time :slight_smile: What browser did you use?

I’ve just checked and I can access the fixes without any issues.

URL: https://empower.softwareag.com/KnowledgeCenter/Product_Fixes/default.asp

Let me know if this works!


Thank Ana,
I have already seen the right UI, I don’t know why, maybe I access wrong link, or my browser error (I’m using CocCoc, a variation of Chrome)