Error after calling processDocument

After calling processDocument for PIP, BPM will be triggered and map flatfile to PIP then send it. Then Movefile flow services will be moved Flatfile to backup folder. But I got an error “Files does not exists” in mapping step.

Do you have any advices ?

aaaah… believe me, I read it twice but unable to get what you are trying to say … seems like FF content which you sent by transforming in PIP is no more available in your backup service, probably you have dropped it or not at all included into the service input of this backup service… Please trace though your flow and see where its getting dropped.


I have BPM to process PIP, flow will check and get file from folder then map to PIP.To process it, I call processDocument in Flowservices. However, I use Movefile after call ProcessDocument so It move file during convert FF to PIP.