Error 404 as result from Tamino Server


I having trouble to get the example for the PHP API working.

The Tamino Database is working. Tamino is running on a different machine than the WebServer where the php functions from the PHP API are stored. I can access it through the Tamino Interactive Interface, also remotely.
In the example01.php I defined the hostname etc. but when I try to access this file it says:

I don’t know what’s the problem with this empty string and I don’t know which file is tried to open and doesn’t exist, which causes the Error 404…

would be great if someone could help


So now I got it a bit further…I wrote another test file where i try to load an xml file into the DB. It only contains the following lines of Code:

It seems as if the one machine connects to the machine where the Tamino server is running, but the queries or whatever never work, since they always get this Error 404 as result, and not the XML Object. I used the debug function of the API to get the header and body information. Here is what I get on the display. On the bottom are the print outs of the debug function ($tamino->printRequestHeader(); $tamino->printRequestBody(); $tamino->printResultHeader();$tamino->printResultBody(); )

Obviously the Load:XML() errors appear because the result is the error page of the webserver and not an XML file, which the function expects. Obviously the link to the query or the process function is wrong…the link doesn’t contain any query statement. I used the POST Method, because the GET Method converted the tags wrong…I don’t know what to do.

Would be great if someone could give me some hints to solve this problem…


ok, it seems to be a problem with the webserver connection. i haven’t solved yet.

when i put my query request into the address line of the browser, the query works

but when i connect to the server via telnet and set the following GET request the Error 404 comes up.

GET /tamino/mydb/Hospital?_xquery=input()/patient

I assigned the webservers in the system management hub but it’s still not working…


now i configured the IIS Tamino module for the specific webserver again, following the the discription of the documentation. but i had to set up an virtual directory to the modiis.dll for this webserver, which was not mentioned in the documentation. but the problem remains. i can connect the database through the web browser but not by using the PHP API nor the telnet connection. funnily i get another error now. now it’s error 400 (bad request oder invalid hostname) when i set the

GET /tamino/mydb?_diagnose=ping


so if someone is following this thread and has any suggestions please help…


Hello Hauke,

it looks very much like you are not able to send direct requests to Tamino from your host. The browser probably is using a proxy, so when you use the Tamino API or use the telnet you don’t get past some firewall or something else. The Tamino API is directly opening a socket to the host which you specify.



thanks for replying. I figured it out what the (last) problem was. The “Bad request (invalid hostname)” error came up when I only sent the GET /something/ request. I had to add another Line with the hostname like “Host:” so I changed this in the TAMINO PHP API as well, in the send request function i added the header line “Host:” and now it works…

thanks for your help anyway…