_envpubNetAddr feature

Hi everyBody,

I’m looking on the webMethods Enterprise Manager tool.
This tool allow to create multiple adapter process monitor (on per broker) on a same machine. All adapters process wich belong to an adapter monitor are managed thru the enterprise manager tool which is a client of the associated broker.

Therefore all adapter process are managed thru the broker which is very clever.

But as discribed in the documentation, access to the adapter monitor can be restricted to a list of authaurized IP adress.

This feature work only if “the setting of _env.pubNetAddr feature is enabled in editing the broker configuration file”

No more information is provided even in the admin_analysis guide_5.0. Is anybody know how to do it ?

Try adding the following line to “awbroker.cfg”

Remove or set to 0 to turn off. Remember to stop server first.

–Christian Callsen
webMethods Broker

Great !!

Thank you very much for this information.

Can you tell me where did you find the information ? in which webMethods document ?


Hello Francois,

Were you able to make ip security work for your environment? I would really appreciate if you could share your experience about this.