Native IP

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did you test any concelation with BROKER UNIX/WINDOWS and NATIVE IP/NATURAL RPC on BS2000 ?

Now we must use WCP ( ENTIRE NET-WORK ) between UNIX SOLARIS and BS2000 for BROKER Traffic . But we don’t want to use WCP more. We want to use NATIVE IP !

Our RPC Servers are on BS2000 and BROKER on UNIX SOLARIS !

Perhaps, we must change only TRANSP Parameter into " ACI,TCPIP " , but i’m not sure !

Please help me,
if you have an experience ! :rolleyes:

Thank you in advance.

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There are two things you need to take care of when running TCP/IP with
the Natural RPC server on BS2000/OSD.

  1. Make sure that BKIMBTIA is used as the stub module. It supports both TCP/IP and the normal Adabas communication method (X-COM), which is also used by Net-Work. NATETB23 does not support TCP/IP. Means, you might relink Natural. The best is to load all dynamically.
  2. Configure the RPC server accordingly, i.e. set up an ip-address and port as BrokerID (SRVNODE). Here is an example of the RPC parameters read via CMPRMIN.

RPC=(SERVER=ON, SRVNODE=‘ip-address:port’,

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We tested it nad now we have the connection with servers. :smiley:
( WCP v581 on BS2000 )

Now we must test the servers with other functions.

It is very very impotant, because we didn’t know this setting , like this !

SRVNODE=‘ip-address:port’ :evil: :shock: :evil: :shock:

Thank you again …

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Sedo :lol: