EntLogger ent_activation TABLE atc_activation TABLE

Hi guys,

Is there somebody who can tell me the meaning of the fields used int the ent_activation TABLE or atc_activation TABLE. This table is used for Logging and/or Transaction Coordinating.

The fiels are:

What if for example the difference between event_id and integration_id, between time_stamp and end_time_stamp, between obj_id, comp_id and work_unit_id.

I checked the document Application_transaction_coordinator1.1.pdf but this document didn’t really help me.

Any help is appreciated.

This is mostly speculation, based on previous experience. Since this is really an internal table used by the ATC, we’re probably not supposed to be poking around in it ourselves but…

obj_id - Assigned by the developer at design time. Something like “PO” or “Invoice”. I think the actual value in this table is a xref to a table holding all “object names”.

comp_id - A component of an object. Perhaps something like “Buyer” or “ShipTo”. Also assigned by the developer at design time.

work_unit_id - The identifier of the ATC workunit processing the integration. I think it is created when an ATC starts up for the first time, or handles its first event.

event_id - The id of the event that triggered the integration. Or is the resulting published event? I’m not sure.

integration_id - A unique id to identify this instance of an integration activation.

timestamp, end_time_stamp - I believe these are the start and end times of the integration. Start is when the triggering event is received. End is when the integration is “DONE” which will vary depending on how you have things configured.

The best way I’ve found to understand the tables is to review them after you configured some events and ATCs and run some events through the pipe. The relationships start becoming obvious.

Probably not much help I’m afraid, but maybe points you in the right direction for what you need to do.