EntireX jar files Detect version number

Hello everyone,

my goal is to detect the version number of entxrt1.0.jar file.

It is running in a productive environment (no EXX Runtime installed), and the customer wants to document the versions of all active components.

The creation date is 07.01.2003, 12:47:00.

In later versions the version number is inside MANIFEST.MF, but in this release there is no information concerning EXX release.

Please, can anyone give me the correct version number (of the EXX version / release)?


The final workaround (if nobody knows the real answer regarding this ancient stub;-) could be to ask the miniruntime component itself !
i.e. make a java ACI prog that makes a funktion=8 (Stub version) call !


Not sure if the earlier run time jar file included this function, but you can try it:

  java com.softwareag.entirex.aci.EntireXVersion

If your jar file is not in the classpath, just add it with the -classpath parameter:

  java -cp entxrt1.0.jar com.softwareag.entirex.aci.EntireXVersion