Entire Connection 4.5.1 - C# .NET 3.5

I am developing a project for my current employer where I need to utilize the API suite that comes with Entire Connection. The version of Entire Connection we are currently using is 4.5.1 and it is installed on a Windows XP SP3 w/.NET 3.5 box. My question is - will the API suite for Entire Connection 4.5.1 work reliably with (C#) .NET v3.5? Anyone out there currently using this setup or have any knowledge on the subject?

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

In version 451 of Entire Connection there is a problem with the registration of the API when the PccApi.ocx is installed. It requires to register the API manually.
This problem was fixed with version 452 of Entire Connection. After the installation of Entire Connection 452 you can start immediately the API sample executables
that come with this version. There is no version dependency with .NET.
To be sure I’ve installed PCC452 on a Windows XP SP3 w/.NET 3.5 box and tested the executable of the .Net sample. This works fine.