How to connect between Entire Connection 4.4.1 and C#?


I’m a newbe in Entire Connection and i would like to do the following:

  1. get notified when the user change a “screen” or the text is changed in the terminal
  2. read the text from the terminal

I would like to do it in C#.

I know that 4.4.1 API don’t support c# (i can’t upgrade to a newer version) and only vb, but i’m sure i can use vb as a proxy to c# somehow. so if i know how to do it in vb it will be also fine.


the easiast way is upgrading to Entire Connection version 4.5. There you also have the API example for code reading and debugging written in C#.
Regards Juergen

Hi Juergen,
As i wrote i cant upgrade. do you know how to do it in vb6?


Hi Omri,
I’m sorry, I’ve only basic knowledge of VB.