Error 429 with Entire Connection API and VBA

My team is trying to develop using the Entire Connection 4.5.1 API (PCCAPI.ocx) with VBA in Excel 2007 on Windows XP. We were able to create an object at first and were debugging to get the event handling to trigger. Now, we cannot create an instance of a PCCAPI object. We keep seeing run-time error 429 (“ActiveX component can’t create object”).

Attached is the file we are using.

Thanks in advance! (35.7 KB)

Have you tried registering (or re-registering!) the OCX? From a command prompt or Start>Run, enter

regsvr32.exe “C:\Program Files\Software AG\Entire Connection 4.5.1\PccAPI.ocx”

The error is a common ActiveX error, so you may want to research on ActiveX issues if it is still a problem.

That worked! I can’t believe we hadn’t run across this yet… :?

Thanks for the hand!