Enterprise Web Manager install

Hi !!
I have already installed Enterprise Server 5.01, Enterprise Server Tools and Integration Server 4.6 under E:\webMethods
Now I’m trying to install the Enterprise Web Manager 5.01, but the installer shows the following error message:

“The Enterprise Web Manager depends on the Integration
Server, which is not installed under ‘E:\webMethods’.
Please exit the installer and install the Integration
Server, or do not install the Enterprise Web Manager.”

Anyone knows what could be wrong ?

Web Manager is a an additional component of Enterprise server that lets some of the administrative functions of enterprise server to be performed thru Integration or b2b server. If you need to activate it you need to install integration server(previously known as b2b server) first.

At present web manager has limited administrative features and the full administration is done thru enterprise manager(java gui) but this may change with the next release. The advanatage of web manager is that using html interface you could manage the administration from any location unlike enterprise manager that need to be installed on the machine from where you are working.

So for the time being you need not worry about Web manager if you dont want to install integration server cause other than the html interface it offers you nothing extra, every thing else can be done thru enterprise manager.

Sorry Carvil
I did not notice that you had already installed integation server

To install web manager you need to mention where exactly integration server is installed. This is kind of funny, integration server will be sitting right infront of you lets say in “E:\Webmethods” but installer will till you that it did not find it. Well what the installer is expecting is the exact location like “E:\Webmethods\integration server4”

hope this solve your problem