Enterprise Partner Profile

We currently have our TN:Enterprise Partner Profile setup and use the service getHostProfile to pass our DUNS number to TN for outbound EDI 810’s.
We have just purchased another company, which has, and is to keep it’s own DUNS number. The new company will be added to our existing Oracle 11i Apps system, with another Org.Id., and EDI 810’s will need to be sent out, with, as noted above, with it’s own DUNS number.
How can this be accomplished using the getHostProfile, or does this have to be replaced altogether?

Why dont you setup seperate partner profile/id’s for the new company??But if you want to setup their DUNS ofcourse you can create multiple duns# under the same enterprise profile but the name will remains same when you are sending 810’s in the transaction analysis.will this be ok?? Its better you create seperate profile this way you can accomodate both and track the 810’s.

Sorry if the comments are not useful.


For “outbound” documents, it would be better to use the settings in the EDITPA than the settings in the profile. The profile external IDs are best used for “inbound” documents, not outbound. The challenge with using the profile for outbound documents is knowing which of the 2, 3, 10, etc. DUNS values to use for a given document.

As rmg points out too, it may be a good idea to use individual profiles in all cases anyway. In the projects I’ve done, we use the enterprise/hub profile for administrative purposes only (read contact information to know who to send error e-mails to) and never for routing purposes. Don’t think of your TN and the enterprise/hub profile as the entity that represents your company. Instead, you’ll get more flexibility if all apps, business units, etc. within your company are treated as full-fledged TN partners.

Thank you RMG… We do require separate reporting for both companies, so separate profiles sounds like the way to go. (Your comments are very useful)

Thank you Reamon. You’ve given me some homework for the weekend.

Sorry dude! :slight_smile: