Reusing trading partners


I have the following problem regarding the definition of Trading PArtners.

The B2B communication between my company and another one (companyX) was done with the usage of Trading Networks.
This implied the creation of 2 trading partners: MyCompany and CompanyX.

Now my company decided it should communicate with another company on a totally different business scenario as the first case.

Would this mean that I have to create 2 trading partners: MyCompany1 and CompanyY or can I reuse the trading partner used in the first type if communication?

What happens if I have 10 or more scenarios? Do I create 10 trading partners, all representing my company in one way or another?

Thank you.

Vlad Turian

Hi Vlad,

assuming that you refer to one single instance of IS/TN:

There should be one “My Enterprise” named “My Company”.

For each Partner you should habe a TPA which will be used for the scenario relevant for this partner.

You can definge Profile Groups for each scenario, containing your Enterprise and the relevant partner.

which version of IS and Trading Networks are you using?



I think you can reuse trading partner, but have to configure different externalID types (DUNS, DUNS+4, PhoneNumber, Mutual identifier…etc) in partner profile.

External ID type value should be Unique.



Yes I agree with Sreekanth below and assuming you have different ID’s for each internal company biz unit its better have create additional Trading Partner profiles (for proper ease of use with differentiate naming sender/receiver wise in case of any reporting required per biz unit/entity purpose’s etc…) other than My Enterprise profile.


I agree with RMG, Srikanth if the same company is to be identified by different identifiers like DUNS(10 digit ), Phone Number (12 digits), Mutually defined (zz) but you told requirement is for a different business scenario, so for this its better to create multiple profiles which doesn’t hamper others.



Thank you all for the responses.

Before I have started working on my TN business case there was already a Trading Partner profile created for my company. Let’s call it MyCompany (Claim Management).

It drives a certain business scenario regarding the processing of claims, etc.

Now, when I started working I have created a partner profile for the external partner (let’s call it ExternalCompany2) and another TN partner profile for my company. Let’s call this MyCompany (Invoice Management).

I want to mention that the two TN projects drive totally different business cases:

  • one drives the processing of claims
  • the other one drives the processing of invoices
    and have no relation to one another.

This being said, your advice is to have 2 partner profiles representing the 2 business units of my company (Claim Management Department and Invoice Management Department?

@Holger: I have to read more on TPA’s. I am using webMethods 8.2, but a migration to 9.8 is planned a month after the go live of my project.

Best regards,
Vlad Turian

Vlad --Now you are going in right direction. Create TPA’s as per your need, please go through TN documentation to get more details on this part.