Encryption in IS

Hi all,
Could someone help me in implementing pgp encryption in SAG IS without using any third party jars.

Thanks in advance.

Review the built-in services documentation for the pub.security folder.

If memory serves, there was a sample package in the past that showed how to run a command shell to use gnupg. That may be of interest, even if an outdated approach.

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checkout this course : Software AG LP: webMethods IS 10.15 - PGP Support in WmPublic Package

I think below 10.15, you need to use OpenPGP package or MFT to use PGP.

also check this : GitHub - SoftwareAG/WxPGPUtlis: These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your Intregration Server instance.

The 10.11 docs indicate PGP is supported by pub.security services.

fyi, we will be adding JCE support in the next version of webMethods 11.1

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