Encoding Used in FTP Port within webMethods?

What is the encoding webMethods applies, when we put data using the FTP port option.

We have created a FTP port using the ports. Then, when the flat file is put in the ns/…/…/ directory, we are unable to specify the encoding.

This is creating problems for non UTF-8 encoded files.

Env: wM 6.5 SP2
Help much appreciated
Bhavani Shankar

May be you can try specifying content-type in the ftp put cmdline?? like application/x-wmflatfile for flatfiles and i dont think setting encode is required for flatfiles.


I dont want to set any encoding. But when webMethods fetches the file, I want to use my own encoding of choice.

When we use pub.client.ftp, encoding can be specified. Similarly, we are unable to do this when we use the FTP port.

Atleast I want to know what encoding is used by wM for such FTP get.
Hope my question is clear now

Bhavani Shankar

The FTP port will normally invoke your service passing an InputStream object. You can use streamToBytes and then bytesToString, which allows you to specify the encoding–probably ISO-8859-1.

The default encoding is usually UTF-8.