Encoding issue

Hi wmusers,

We are currently facing a problem with encoding! We are using IS 6.1! On the client side we get files with different encodings(ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, ISO-8859-6, UTF-8)! On the target side we have a BusinessWarehouse which only supports ISO-8859-1( Don’t ask my why are they not using unicode :wink: I dont know it)! My problem is that we don’t have the information which encoding comes from the client but we have to convert it into ISO-8859-1!
How can i do the converting from ANY source encoding to target encoding ISO-8859-1!

Pls help


I forgot one thing!

Or how can i build a parser to replace special characters with standard characters or characters from the ISO-8859-1 Code! And where can i do the convert? On Unicode basis? Or on the specific ISO Code basis?


Did you tried using stringTobytes or bytesTostring service and set encoding as(ISO-8859-1)which it should take care.


Thanks for your help RMG,

yes the bytesTostring with approprate encoding managed it!
but i will try to build a parser to replace special characters from any ISO Code with standard characters or similar characters from the ISO-8859-1 Codepage! I will do this on Unicode basis! will let you know if it works!